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  • Aycabta

    MathJax On Blog Entry

    2014年5月22日 by Aycabta

    Mission all over!

    • MathJax successes to work nomally when comments on blog entries lazy load too late by scrolling
    • MathJax successes to work nomally when comments are posted, replied, edited
    • Preview dialog logic on edit page is organized

    I'll do another occasion <math> tag.

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  • Aycabta

    MathJax Task

    2014年4月27日 by Aycabta
    • Converts <math> tag to MathJax form
      • The Greasemonkey script in this article is so helpful:
      • For mobile; MathJax viewing is no harm to iPad, but iPhone is not
    • Applies MathJax viewing and conversion above to comment area
      • Example:
      • MathJax using lazy load, comments too, loading sequence is not under control
        • So plain TeX texts remain when comments loaded after MathJax, this is just *luck*
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  • Aycabta

    Mirror Site for Bot Test

    2014年3月15日 by Aycabta

    Hi there.

    I heard "wanna make MediaWiki mirror for bot testing?" a few days ago, so I implemented mediawiki-kitchen that is MediaWiki automated deployment system by Chef. I deployed it and imported the dump of this wiki to my new Windows Azure server:

    Do what you want, I can automatically rebuild this mirror site if you mess up everything garbled.

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