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    Since Bashicu Matrix System is so strong, I divide the analysis in parts.

    This first part will cover analysis of Primitive Sequence System in FGH (Fast Growing Hierarchy)

    This is NOT meant to be accurate.

    If ordinal α is the FGH ordinal, it's a shorthand for fα(n).

    Bashicu Matrix System FGH Ordinal
    (0)[n] 2
    (0)(0)[n] 3
    (0)(0)(0)[n] 4
    (0)(1)[n] ω
    (0)(1)(0)[n] ω+1
    (0)(1)(0)(1)[n] ω2
    (0)(1)(0)(1)(0)(1)[n] ω3
    (0)(1)(1)[n] ω2
    (0)(1)(1)(0)(1)(1)[n] ω22
    (0)(1)(1)(1)[n] ω3
    (0)(1)(1)(1)(1)[n] ω4
    (0)(1)(2)[n] ωω

    Under Construction

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